Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it took anne curtis' right boob to wake me up from my slumber.

23 March 2010

Its been a while since my last rant. Since then I have purchased a ps3 and went to the bahamas for an amazing cruise. A lot has happened in the world as you all well know. But what has awakened my senses? Not El Nino, not the PNP or the AFP, not the vice presidential debates, (which was entertaining by the way) not even Ruffa versus Kris but that's right folks, ang kanang suso ni Anne curtis.


But how did I know about this? Because of her plea to the public to refrain from posting or looking at her wardrobe malfunction. All this has done was to draw more attention to the issue and one can't help but wonder by making something out of nothing, is this a calculated move to draw attention to the issue because of their upcoming movie? And you know, I wouldn't doubt it one bit if it is, since after all she is a movie star, which is synonymous to self promotion.

Can you really stop people from looking at a young hot woman's breast? Kahit kanan lang yun, it is I must admit a sight to behold. What warm blooded hetero male wouldn't want to see that?

But what did this really do? Do I respect her less now? Unless your a pimple faced nose picking 14 year old adolescent who gets off at anything that shows skin, I highly doubt that this kind of exposure gets anyone who gets laid regularly titillated. I mean its nice to see, but no its not like I would just grab her tits when I get the chance to see her in person. Even if I want to.

Of course if our country wasn't made up of sexually inept turds, this wouldn't be an issue to begin with. But since we are, it is the talk of the town, which is sad. Janet Jackson did it in front of millions around the world and she did not issue any statements condemning people passing the snapshot of her boob did she? Vanessa Hudgens in all her naked glory, Paris Hilton even.

And look folks, Anne is not Sarah Geronimo. This plea is totally contradictory to the image she is trying to project to the public. As I have said, what she and her handlers should have done was to just nonchalantly ignored it, just like what Maricar Reyes did. And look at how her career has blossomed after that Hayden Kho episode?