Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Christmas...Where the Hell are my Godparents???

Growing up, one of the christmas traditions I did not fully enjoy was recieving christmas presents from my godparents. I vaguely remember getting one present from each of my godparents that I know of, but that's about it.

Christmas in the province was worse. Since I did not have any godparents there, I would tag along my cousins and siblings when they go to their godparents and witness them get 20 pesos while I get a measly 5. The injustice!

And as I wrap presents for my godchildren I ask: "Where are my godparents?"

I know of three, as I think back in the day, godparents were limited into a manageable number unlike now where it is not uncommon for a child to have 10 or more, which at first glance is INSANE, but not after you realize that 80 percent of them vanishes within the first five years of the child's life, just like what has happened to me and my childrens' godparents.

Anyway, my godparents are: Rey De Vera, Dra. Nela Lee Millar and Mary Jane Madamba.

From what I know, Mr. De Vera is the brother of the president of Alpha Records Corporation, Buddy De Vera, at least according to my mother. I kinda remember going to his office once and getting a Superman shirt one Christmas day, but beyond that, NADA.

On the other hand, I did meet Dra. Nela Lee Millar as an adult. I brought my son suffering from some sort of skin allergy. She did not charge us for anything although she barely remembered who the hell I was or who my parents were. I am actually surprised that she basically took what I said on face value and proceeded to see my kid without charging me a penny. You gotta think that she has probably lost count of how many godchildren she has as she is a pediatrician after all.

I came to know of Mary Jane Madamba as a kid when my aunt would always point out to me that the lady who is in the original Knorr Sabaw ng Sinigang commercials was indeed my ninang. After a while I just got annoyed by this fact as everyone in my household would make sure to point this out no matter what I was doing.

I googled all of them but could not find out anything about Rey De Vera. Buddy de Vera is out there as the owner of Alpha Records but no information is out there about Rey. There is a listing of Dra. Millar at the Medical Center Paranaque and I do know this is accurate, so it is nice to know that she is out there.

On the other hand, Mary Jane Madamba is interesting because it shows that beside the knowledge I have that she was a commercial model, she apparently is the Miss Teen International First Runner Up for 1966. I am not sure if this is the same person but as I type this my mother is already asleep and I could not get a confirmation from her.

I am not going to second guess my parents' choice of godparents were but you just gotta admit that they were not good choices. According to the church, godparents should serve as second parents to their godchildren. How are they going to do it when they barely know you. One example of this is when movie stars being asked to be godparents to kids of regular folks, such as Joey De Leon, yes that Joey De Leon who is supposedly my sister's godfather.


So what is it that I want? Well if they are childless millionaires looking for a sole hair to their riches, I would gladly step up to the plate and oblige. But really, all I want is acknowledgement perhaps, just to validate my christian existence.

Let this be a little reminder to all of us godparents to try not to forget our godchildren. Also, to parents out there, only ask people to be your children's godparents if you are certain that these people would figure prominently in your child's life, and of course, yung magandang mag pa aguinaldo!

Merry Christmas Folks!

Here's one for you folks

I guess everyone is going crazy with all their christmas shopping and whatnot but here's something that has helped me dealing with all the wrapping.....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Darlings of Philippine Sports: Pinay Charlie's Angels

11 December 2009

In a welcome break from Martial law and those mother fucking Ampatuans, 3 young, fresh, talented, athletic and most importantly, BLAZING HOTTTT women provided the country with some achievement we can smile about. Janice Lagman, Rani Ann Ortega and Camille Alarilla won gold medals in taekwondo in the ongoing 25th Southeast Asian Games in Vientianne, Laos.


In my book, these women are ones to be really proud about. They are the real life "CHARLIE'S ANGELS"! If you might have noticed by now, I just cant get over the fact that these women are just goddamn gorgeous!!! According to reports these three ladies just came from Egypt to win the championship in the same event a short time ago, and now they go to Laos and kicked some serious ass!


With the megawatt smile these three possesses I would not be a bit surprised if they start gracing magazine covers and television shows as soon as they get off the plane from Laos.

Now the most important part..who among these three I like the most? They are all hot but if I could have the luxury of picking just one, even if they came in threes, my favorite would be Rani!

So ladies thank you very much for carrying the country's pride out there and no thanks to the idiot non-sport people running the country's sports programs. I'm willing to bet that your parents were the one who gave you most of the support you needed to get to become world class athletes.

Soak it up, enjoy it and rest assured i'll be the first one to get a copy of whatever magazine you choose to have your pretty faces published. Love ya! (LMAO)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SUNDOT KULANGOT (quick shots on news around cyberspace)

10 December 2009

Tigas talaga ng pagmumukha ni Pangulong Kutong lupa. Biruin mong nagkaka diskusyunan na sa kongreso dahil sa katarantaduhan nitong pag dedeklara ng martial law e, ni anino nito hindi sumulpot sa kongeso? Tang ina talaga oo.

Kung hindi nyo pa alam isa pang dating kapamilyang nananamlay ang career ang lumipat na sa syete, si Bayani Agbayani. sya daw ang ipantatapat ng gma sa papalakas na ng papalakas na showtime ni Vhong Navarro. Ang title daw e Bigay Todo (?)

Panis si Manny ke Tiger. Si Tiger 10 bebots na ang sumusulpot, si Manny ni isa ala pang umaamin.
Tindi ng Comelec, dalawa ng oposisyon governors ang inagawan ng pwesto. E bat si Gloria nde nyo matanggal tanggal?

Kagandahan ke Tiger, walang pinapalampas. Bata, matanda, brunette, blonde, me suso o wala, pangit man o maganda, walang sinasayang. Parang kumakain sa buffet, lahat tinitikman. Just how I like it!

Speaking of papalakas na Showtime, pati si Willie apektado na. Nagtampururot sa Wowowee dahil hindi daw inacknowledge ng ABS ang pagkapanalo nila sa Anak TV tapos nag segway sa pagsasabing hindi daw sila kaaway ng Showtime. Dude, ikaw tong nagbibigay kulay eh, sa pagsasalita mo kinumpirma mo na apekted ka. Sana hindi mo na lang pinansin.


Kala ko ba Martial Law? bat buhay pa ang mga Ampatuan? Talagang wala ng magaling na nagawa itong mga asa Malacanang. Kahit sa Martial Law bokya pa rin. At least sina Marcos, perfect ang implementation!


Oh nga pala nakita nyo ba yung anak ni Gretchen Barretto nung tumanggap ng trophy ang nanay nya bilang Best Actress whatever sa Star Awards? Whoa what a brat! She rolled her eyes and mouthed "OMG" when her mother referred to her father as "her lover." Hanapin nyo sa you tube kung meron. I mean if my kid pulled that kind of shit.......


Mabalik tayo sa Showtime, pinapanood ko talaga to. Although I do know na kopya lang din naman to sa Talentadong Pinoy na ginaya sa Britain's Got Talent na baka gayahin di ng Bigay Todo, which makes me come to the conclusion na: WAG NA TAYONG UMASA NG INNOVATIVE PINOY SHOW in the near future. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


I mean Anne Curtis has grown on me, I still don't think she's Megan Fox hot (who is anyway?) but she is pretty. Then Vice Ganda....what can I say, this person is hilarious. Even the two rock stars add something to the party.


Come to think of it, 3 of those I named that could replace Willie Revillame are now in the afternoon timeslot namely Vhong Navarro, Bayani Agbayani and Ryan Agoncillo. Akalain mo nga naman ano.....


Can someone answer why I'm still a die hard Golden State Warrior fan?


Does anyone remember Manolet Ripol (sp?)??? Wala lang....


Im not totally against movie stars in showbusiness BUT....if Lito Lapid still wins as a senator after he already said na hindi sya bagay sa Senado....THERE MUST BE SOMETHING REALLY GODDAMN WRONG WITH US PEOPLE.

So hindi nagpakamatay si Hayden KHO....who the fuck cares? Why is a respected lawyer like Lorna Kapunan represents this dude? oh yeah I forgot...Dr. Vicki's money.
(Sgd.) President of the Philippines

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Manny won't do a Tiger

3 December 2009

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a state of coma for the past week or so, you must have heard of the sportsworld's squeaky clean poster child Eldrick Woods embroiled in a extra marital brouhaha with not one, not two but three (so far) bimbos.


Interestingly enough this comes on the heels of another sports supermega star, our very own Manny Pacquiao in a similar situation albeit with a much less hotter hoe than those of Tiger's conquests: Krista Ranillo.


There are a lot of similarities about the two, both are at the top of their games in their respective sports, both with hot wives (although again Tiger gets the advantage here Elin > Jinkee) both Nike endorsers, etc. etc.

But this is where the similarity ends. Tiger, although half assed went out and released a statement admitting what he termed "transgressions" and apologized to his family while Pacman goes out and denies the whole thing, calls it a publicity stunt and then apologizes to Krista Ranillo! LMFAO.


So now you ask: Why can't Manny do a Tiger? Admit that he was romping with Matt Ranillo's unica hija, apologize to his wife then go on and beat Floyd Mayweather to a pulp?


Why? Because Manny is a Filipino guy, and a Filipino icon. Hard to admit but as a filipino guy, this is what our culture has taught us, it is innate, second nature. We might admit to killing someone, robbing even (although GMA might have something to say about that) but never ever admit to infidelity.

Magkamatayan man, wag na wag aamin. Kahit nakita ka ng nakipaghalikan (ehem!) kahit nakita na ang webpage mong punong puno ng pakikipaglampungan mo sa kalaguyo mo, (ehem again!) no way. Sad but true.

Has anyone encountered any Pinoy who admitted to their wife that they are seeing someone else? No effing way. To their drinking buddies yes, but never to their wives. That is just how it is.

Cant blame the people's champ here. I mean his dad probably has never admitted to Nanay Dionisia all his "transgressions" up to now. Daddy Pacman is still to tis day probably is saying that he has never comitted any indiscretions ever. And this is what Manny has learned to be the norm.

How many times have we heard the lame excuse "magkaibigan lang kami", or "walang masamang nangyari sa amin" or the reversal "madumi lang kasi ang isip mo"? This is what we've heard. We are taught tht nothing good comes out of admitting stuff like this. Better lie to your grave than to man up and admitting it.

Manny should think twice about this. Woods is expected to survive this, unless of course more and more women would come out in the open which would make this issue longer than its prescribed expiration date, but this will pass. The American public would forget about this. Tiger had his fun, said his apology so now everyone is going to move on.

Manny? Oh no. This is going to linger on. This will not go away. Especially now that Manny is running for congress. This Krista issue will be visited, revisited and visited again, unless Manny owns up to this.

Unlike the american sports fan, the Philippines is a whole different ball game. We want our idols to be role models, morally upright, someone who can do no wrong. Saintly, I must say. That is the dilemma facing a Filipino icon.

We revere our idols just like how we revere the saints of our Roman Catholic faith, and that my friends is the problem.

I don't think Manny would risk tarnishing his venerable (in his mind at least) image in the eyes of 90 million Filipinos. He is probably thinking that the masa would never forgive him for something like this. He might be under estimating the compassion of the masa towards him but can you blame him?

So don't expect Manny to come out with a statement written up by some lawyer just like Tiger did. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Manny will never own up to anything. Not to the guy who ponied up 59.99 for his latest pay-per-view fight, not to anyone, not even to his wife. And why should he? He can't.