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Who should take Willie's place on Wowowee?

15 August 2009

My first response to this question should be: "WHO CARES!" Who really has time to watch? Or who does? Until I remembered that when Willie Revillame disrespected the late President Cory Aquino in that August 4 show, two of my aunts and a cousin were actually in the studios of ABS-CBN watching the show live.


So yes, I recorded the said show on my DVR. So imagine my shock when instead of seeing my relatives give it their all for an attempt of face time on TV, I got to see the blasphemous act done by Mr. Revillame. And after watching the show approximately 17 times, even the staunchest Revillame apologist would agree that it will take close to a miracle for Willie to get out of it.

With that outburst, people rushed to crucify Revillame and we all know what happened after that. He apologized, and now is "indefinitely suspended" by ABS-CBN. And now according to reports, Willie is even considering leaving the show altogether.


Whether you like it or not Revilllame has a massive fan base of mostly elderly overseas Filipinos, and the poorest of the poor who sadly enough are the ones always exploited on the show. If reports are accurate the guy makes a million pesos per show to ply his garbage everyday on national television. He is so huge he is not merely a name, he is a figure of speech, a part of the national lexicon, a state of mind.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear kids say "Mommy is kuya winillie revillame na naman ako kaya ako natalo!" Or guys going: "pare wala namang willie revillamehan ng shota" further proof of how this guy's enormous stature.

So now the question is: Should Wowowee cease to exist? or Who should take Willie's place on Wowowee.


Roderick Paulate - Experienced host, veteran comedian and more importantly has managed to become less annoying over the years to the point that he is actually watchable. Another plus for the guy who likes dick, I mean the guy who we call Dick, he doesn't mumble his words, we can actually understand what he's saying unlike Willie who resorts to yelling all the time.


Randy Santiago - One of Willie's fillers when he's unavailable. The safe choice. But there lies the problem. SAFE = Boring. Also he is such a good friend of Willie, I just dont think he could take his job from him. But of course, we've seen friendships crushed this way in reel and real life.


Vhong Navarro - If he replaces Willie, it would be seamless. The opening spiel Giling-Giling could just be replaced by Pamela Wan, and they could even replace the shows' title from Wowowee to Vovovee. He can provide energy that could be entertaining in noontime. Can you imagine him and Luningning in a dance showdown? Well you go ahead and imagine that, I won't. Vhong is young, the dude can dance and just like noontime hosts Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, and Willie himself has sired children from different women already. Further proof that he belongs in that exclusive company.


Bayani Agbayani - Before we consider him as Willie's replacement we got to find out first where the hell he is. What? Where? He is still alive? OK then.


Arnell Ignacio - He actually has replaced Willie when he got canned from that "Sana Ma-divirginize ka na" remark from Magandang Tanghali Bayan. Ignacio found out that doing this gig, and competing head-to-head versus the three headed monster that is TVJ is insurmountable. Would he do it again? Highly doubtful but he is not really doing anything right now so maybe.


Allan K - A longshot. But some to think of it, Tito Vic and Joey started off as hosts of Eat Bulaga's rival show in the 70s and 80s' Student Canteen. What would make Allan K jump ship and face the kings of noontime? As we say, everyone has a price. Would Allan K bite?


Ryan Agoncillo - Out of left field replacement for Willie. Observers might say a little too conyo for such a "masa" show until you realize the guy is the host of the number 1 Saturday show "Talentadong Pinoy" on TV5, and IS married to Judy Ann Santos. What can be more masa than that? Although would he dare face Eat Bulaga, where he maintains a good relationship with TVJ? He was even in the Iskul Bukol reunion movie. We'll see.


Pokwang - I have seen the show while Willie was gone and I have to say Pokwang is handling the job admirably. Which is sad because if Willie wasnt such a camera hog, we would have realized Pokwangs' talents sooner. Although she is doing her best, I dont think she could sustain doing this by herself. For now yes, but sooner or later the TFC subsriber lolos and lolas would start looking for Willie himself. By the way if were going to rename the show Vovovee for Vhong Navarro, we should rename the show Pokpokkee for Pokwang.

Other names that could be given consideration would be John Lloyd Cruz, Billie Crawford or even coaxing the APO Hiking Society from semi-retirement. But who are we kidding? Anyone who thinks ABS-CBN would replace Willie are out of their minds. He holds such clout (or maybe even dirty little secrets?) in the Lopez' group that if he gets permanently replaced, it would surely be the biggest shocker in Philippine television history. So just wait a little bit, and when the clamor for his head dies down watch him come back and reclaim his place in noontime.

(Sgd.) H.E. President of the Philippines

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