Monday, May 24, 2010

Tado gives Vice Ganda a dose of her own medicine

To those who haven't seen it yet here it is

I dunno but it seems like Vice is morphing into another Willie Revillame. I hope not because she is 10000x more talented than Revillame. It is just a little disturbing because one who is in her position and her line of work really just have to be able to take it as well as dish it out. Magaling kang mang okray, so dapat pag ikaw ang tinira kaya mo ring tanggapin. She needs to realize that people are out to get her and she needs to have the guile to see this from a mile away. Disappointing.

Out of topic, but I USED to watch Showtime regularly before TFC fucked around with their programming and moved the show to 1pm or so, but what really bothered me about her specifically is when she made fun of a kids group. I knew one of the kids in the group, (not the one who got humiliated by Vice) and according to her, her friend was just subjected to bullying because of Vice. This caused a lot of distress and caused the kids to not go to school anymore.

I realize the nature of the show but I think Vice needs to lay off kids a little bit. These are kids. Kung matatanda, no problem kahit mura murahin oks lang. Pero bata? This is what kinda turned me off. Anyway I still enjoy watching her.

But this incident does not excuse Tado for being a fucking homophobe. Shame on you dude.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If only she could skip the talking part

I gotta admit this girl is growing on me.

Now I dunno where she stays here in the states but she just needs a little more street cred to kinda mask that "fobby" tone that she has, and hey the sky's the limit for her.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forget Noynoy vs. Villar, Its Willie vs Jobert Sucaldito

4 May 2010

Add Jobert Sucaldito to the list of Willie Revillame's enemies as Revillame in his noontime show Wowowee threatened to resign if the management of ABS-CBN would retain Sucaldito's services.

This came about as Sucaldito remarked in his (or its?) radio program that the segment "Willie of Fortune" should not feature those students who are barely passing in school or those who have an average of 75% - 79%. Sucaldito said something to the effect of "dapat hindi sinasali ang mga estudyanteng bobo"

Not surprisingly, and probably due to menopause, Revillame did not like this and in turn issued an ultimatum to his mother studio to remove Jobert immediately.


Without knowing (or nor do I care) of Sucaldito's preference for president, I think it is safe to assume that Sucaldito is probably pulling for Noynoy Aquino just because of his affiliation with Kris Aquino, and Revillame as we all know is a die hard Villar supporter so it is not outside the realm of possibility that this is politically motivated.

Willie probably wants to see how much influence does he really have in ABS CBN. Just staying true to his egotistical character.

Sad to say, if this is not diffused early, Sucaldito might find himself without a job in the next few days. I'm not sure if ABS-CBN is willing to call Revillame's bluff or they could afford to, because whether I admit it or not, Wowowee is one of the station's moneymakers, particularly among TFC subscribers.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it took anne curtis' right boob to wake me up from my slumber.

23 March 2010

Its been a while since my last rant. Since then I have purchased a ps3 and went to the bahamas for an amazing cruise. A lot has happened in the world as you all well know. But what has awakened my senses? Not El Nino, not the PNP or the AFP, not the vice presidential debates, (which was entertaining by the way) not even Ruffa versus Kris but that's right folks, ang kanang suso ni Anne curtis.


But how did I know about this? Because of her plea to the public to refrain from posting or looking at her wardrobe malfunction. All this has done was to draw more attention to the issue and one can't help but wonder by making something out of nothing, is this a calculated move to draw attention to the issue because of their upcoming movie? And you know, I wouldn't doubt it one bit if it is, since after all she is a movie star, which is synonymous to self promotion.

Can you really stop people from looking at a young hot woman's breast? Kahit kanan lang yun, it is I must admit a sight to behold. What warm blooded hetero male wouldn't want to see that?

But what did this really do? Do I respect her less now? Unless your a pimple faced nose picking 14 year old adolescent who gets off at anything that shows skin, I highly doubt that this kind of exposure gets anyone who gets laid regularly titillated. I mean its nice to see, but no its not like I would just grab her tits when I get the chance to see her in person. Even if I want to.

Of course if our country wasn't made up of sexually inept turds, this wouldn't be an issue to begin with. But since we are, it is the talk of the town, which is sad. Janet Jackson did it in front of millions around the world and she did not issue any statements condemning people passing the snapshot of her boob did she? Vanessa Hudgens in all her naked glory, Paris Hilton even.

And look folks, Anne is not Sarah Geronimo. This plea is totally contradictory to the image she is trying to project to the public. As I have said, what she and her handlers should have done was to just nonchalantly ignored it, just like what Maricar Reyes did. And look at how her career has blossomed after that Hayden Kho episode?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HANGALAN 2010: Sino ang magiging kulelat?

Lets face it folks, whoever your candidate for the presidency is, its basically a three cornered fight between Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar and yes Erap Estrada. If surveys are to be believed, its those three followed by Gibo Teodoro, Eddie Villanueva and Dick Gordon.

Then there are the bottom three: Jamby Madrigal, Nicanor Perlas, and JC Delos Reyes. And with that said, here lies the question: Sino ang magiging kulelat sa kanilang tatlo?


How Jamby managed some million votes to win as a Senator is really still beyond me, although if Lito Lapid managed to win, maybe I should not underestimate for a lack of a better word, the "taste" of our electorate. But I am willing to bet that Jamby wouldnt muster more than a million votes this time. Or can she?

Perlas and Delos Reyes have been appearing in all presidential debates on tv, radio, internet, baranggay hall, health center and beauty parlor, maximimizing their exposure before all their 15 minutes of fame is up. These two no matter how their "message" sounds good and all will be lucky if they can get 10,000 votes between them. Anything over would be a small miracle on its own.

So where are their votes going to come from? Let us not forget that Madrigal comes from the old rich elite who can use their money who can buy votes like the best of them. The two gentlemen on the other hand claim to be supported by organizations, whose memberships although I admit I do not know, probably number from 100-200 at best.

So who will be the Eddie Gil of this year's election? Speaking of Gil, at least he added some color to the elections when he ran, but I don't see any of these from Perlas or JC unless I consider JC's nervous ticks as entertaining. In fairness to Jamby she has provided some entertainment but nothing close to what Gil provided.

So Jamby, Nic, or JC? Who shall be it?

Monday, February 1, 2010


1 February 2010

Got a little busy folks. Hopefully everyone has been pre occupied watching Marlene Aguilar's displays of lunacy the past weeks or so.

Anyway, according to this report Las Pinas again has curtailed the rights of people from BF Paranaque for WATER!


There is really no rhyme or reason to this except for GREED. How long must the good people of BF PARANAQUE has to suffer. I have never remembered a time where there was an adequate supply of water in BF.....ever. Except when we had a deep well which stopped working when it just ran dry after 10 or so years.

Cmon LAS PINAS worry about Moonwalk or Verdant Acres and leave BF alone! WTH!

I wanna see what MANNY VILLAR has to say about this.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Breaking news: Kris Aquino nag AMOK!

15 January 2010

Kris Aquino in jealous rage, went to confront a certain Mayen Austria, a rumored girlfriend of James Yap according to a report in the website.


If only Kris was as meticulous in choosing his men like her clothes, this would have never happened. Lets face it, this was a horribly matched couple from the start. A domineering, smart, popular, irritating, daughter of a former president and a cager from the boonies? Cmon now.

This was inevitable. It does not take a Madam Auring to know that this was bound to happen. Now the question is, is Kris brave enough or better yet, does Noynoy's image handlers think that Kris needs to get rid of Yap? We shall find out.

The report adds (if you were too lazy to click the link), Aquino went sugod to the house of the girl and made mura mura to the max the kabit of James. (Sorry, could'nt help it lol.) I mean what would push someone, much less like Kris who has an image to protect, to go to such lengths?

I'm not sure if there will be anymore information beyond what has been written, at least from Kris' side because I'm pretty sure they are in damage control mode as we speak but really Kris needs to get rid of James and start anew (yes for the umpteenth time.

There are a few things she could do right now.

She needs to find someone who is in the same intellectual level as her, not necessarily stature, because she has reached astronomical heights and it is impossible to find someone that can match her, at least in the Philippines.

She can just also use this to her advantage. Go out there and bash James in media, tell everyone what pushed her to do what she did. Use the abused wife card and surely, she'll get a lot of sympathy, and as we all know by now, sympathy=votes.

So Kris, do the right team and get rid of some dead weight. Go dump James and put him back to the Mcdonald's playpen you got him from.