Monday, May 24, 2010

Tado gives Vice Ganda a dose of her own medicine

To those who haven't seen it yet here it is

I dunno but it seems like Vice is morphing into another Willie Revillame. I hope not because she is 10000x more talented than Revillame. It is just a little disturbing because one who is in her position and her line of work really just have to be able to take it as well as dish it out. Magaling kang mang okray, so dapat pag ikaw ang tinira kaya mo ring tanggapin. She needs to realize that people are out to get her and she needs to have the guile to see this from a mile away. Disappointing.

Out of topic, but I USED to watch Showtime regularly before TFC fucked around with their programming and moved the show to 1pm or so, but what really bothered me about her specifically is when she made fun of a kids group. I knew one of the kids in the group, (not the one who got humiliated by Vice) and according to her, her friend was just subjected to bullying because of Vice. This caused a lot of distress and caused the kids to not go to school anymore.

I realize the nature of the show but I think Vice needs to lay off kids a little bit. These are kids. Kung matatanda, no problem kahit mura murahin oks lang. Pero bata? This is what kinda turned me off. Anyway I still enjoy watching her.

But this incident does not excuse Tado for being a fucking homophobe. Shame on you dude.


  1. aynako i watch ko muna talaga showtime mamaya, putol tong vid jigs, ala d2 ung incident! i wanna watch ung batuhan ng okrayan nila hanggang mapikon ang vice! pero yeah i totally agree w/u about dun sa mga kids, tama ka, hinay hinay nga lang sa mga bata! tnx again for sharing another interesting thoughts jigs! ;-) naks! xx

  2. comment? Good point pare! Many kids are watching the show, hopefully they already know it by now, lol. Hinay hinay dapat mga judges sa mga sasabihin nila. I like the show, but this incident could be another suspension of the show. What you think about Giselle's performance? Very inappropriate for the show, dn't you think? The song has some words like "bitch, shut up, i wanna be naked" Come to think of it, her daughter is watching and what is she wearing? Oh welllllllll just posting my comments! cguro wala namang MTRCB dito? hehehehe

  3. Vhoiet...(na napakahirap ispell) at least nag apologize na si vice, wag lang sanang dadalas ang pag sosorry dahil pag nakarami ng ganyan you're going into willie revillame territory.

    anon.. she kasi isn't she leaning towards that way anyhoo? Bigay ang hilig.

    Mare - alam mo ako I hate censorship of any kind kaya nga lang hindi lang naman tayo ang tao sa mundo, me mga bata kaya TAMA ka, sa mga show na ganito sana wala ng mga ganyan. Naririnig na nga ng mga bata yang mga bitch bitch na yan sa ating mga magulang, dadagdagan pa ng tv?

  4. ginawang talk show e hahahah dapat may training ang mga judges dito bago mag judge lol

  5. I agree with "Magaling kang mang okray, so dapat pag ikaw ang tinira kaya mo ring tanggapin".
    Nagagawa nyang manalait pero handa syang manira ng tao s harap ng telebisyon kung di sya sinasadyang mahagip ng kumento ng isa sa mga co-judge nya.