Friday, January 15, 2010

Breaking news: Kris Aquino nag AMOK!

15 January 2010

Kris Aquino in jealous rage, went to confront a certain Mayen Austria, a rumored girlfriend of James Yap according to a report in the website.


If only Kris was as meticulous in choosing his men like her clothes, this would have never happened. Lets face it, this was a horribly matched couple from the start. A domineering, smart, popular, irritating, daughter of a former president and a cager from the boonies? Cmon now.

This was inevitable. It does not take a Madam Auring to know that this was bound to happen. Now the question is, is Kris brave enough or better yet, does Noynoy's image handlers think that Kris needs to get rid of Yap? We shall find out.

The report adds (if you were too lazy to click the link), Aquino went sugod to the house of the girl and made mura mura to the max the kabit of James. (Sorry, could'nt help it lol.) I mean what would push someone, much less like Kris who has an image to protect, to go to such lengths?

I'm not sure if there will be anymore information beyond what has been written, at least from Kris' side because I'm pretty sure they are in damage control mode as we speak but really Kris needs to get rid of James and start anew (yes for the umpteenth time.

There are a few things she could do right now.

She needs to find someone who is in the same intellectual level as her, not necessarily stature, because she has reached astronomical heights and it is impossible to find someone that can match her, at least in the Philippines.

She can just also use this to her advantage. Go out there and bash James in media, tell everyone what pushed her to do what she did. Use the abused wife card and surely, she'll get a lot of sympathy, and as we all know by now, sympathy=votes.

So Kris, do the right team and get rid of some dead weight. Go dump James and put him back to the Mcdonald's playpen you got him from.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hangalan 2010: The Countdown (Series 3: Joseph Ejercito Estrada)

Joseph Ejercito Estrada

Party Affiliation: PMP (Partido ng Masang Pilipino)
Current Position: Former President of the Philippines/Actor
DOB: April 19, 1937
Mapua Institute of Technology
Odds of winning the Presidency: 1-50

Every Filipino knows about him, and naturally everyone can name a reason why NOT to vote for him, but despite that for some masochistic reason, Estrada still possesses that charisma to elicit enough to support to put a scare into the leading candidates for the presidency.

I get Erap. He plays the masa card to the hilt. Uses his thespian skills to charm his way into a crowd after all these years. Can you blame him for exploiting his strengths and hiding his weaknesses?

But I am just hard pressed to believe that those who voted for him when he won the Presidency in a landslide in 1998, would vote for him again after all that he has done in his two plus years in office.

Maybe if I was just a real a-hole and wanted to play a cruel joke on Filipinos I would go Erap, but even with my personality, I just can't do it.

Why can't we have Erap as royalty? Like a King perhaps? or a Sultan? a Datu? He would be perfect for the job. He gets his spending money, gets the prestige of being a King, and the illusion that he is still in government. More importantly, this would satisfy his huge masa following to see him as King.

Whats going for him: As everyone knows, still enjoys massive support from the masses. Charismatic, experienced in government, has huge name recall.

What would hurt him: The disqualification case filed against him, succeeds, effectively prohibiting him from taking office.

Would win if: Villar, Teodoro, Aquino, and Villar take votes from each other, and in fact would just cancel each other out.

Change your life

This has totally changed my life. My closet looks waaaaay better. Life is good!

the japanese are amazing...(except for raping our women and pillaging our country of course)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a trip

5 January 2010
Just follow what it says folks.

Monday, January 4, 2010

So kung si Efren me pag asa kay pag asa ako ke Anne Curtis?

3 January 2010

Happy New Year folks. Hopefully all of us would have a great 0-10 ahead of us. By the way, there is a controversy brewing about what to call this year. The grammar police wants us to call it twenty ten while most people go with two thousand ten. Personally, I prefer 0-10, stress on the Oh and not uh.

Anyway on to more pressing issues like the rumored courtship (only Pinoy's do this I swear) of CNN Hero of the Year = Top internet Vote getter Efren Penaflorida of Angel Locsin.

Watching Angel's interview on the BUZZ, I could not help but squirm when she kinda insinuated that Efren has more than a fighting chance to get her on his bed! I mean what the hell! Is that all it takes? Be a CNN Hero and you'll have a chance in snagging one of filmdom's hottest bodies? When is the next CNN poll? I wanna put my name in there and gather all my internet buddies and when I win it, go to ABS-CBN and take Anne Curtis!


Look at Kuya Ef, I mean look at him. Granted, Angel seems to be one who never says no to anyone, but this never happens in real life. I'm willing to bet that those days of pushing those kariton klasrums in the scorching heat of Cavite's afternoons has probably taken a toll on him. A few of those reality check brain cells has probably escaped him.

And wait a minute...showbiz ka na Kuya Ef?

Elibs den ako sa strategy ni Kuya Efren. Make his desire public to gain sympathy and put Angel in a precarious situation. Pag binasted nga naman sya ni Angel, negative ang magiging dating. Magiging matapobre si Angel etc. etc. A stroke of genius if you ask me!

Am I jealous? yes! not of his CNN recognition but the one in a million chance Kuya Efren has in shagging Angel Locsin. If this happens, watch out Anne Curtis because I'm coming for you. And that goes out to you too Maricar Reyes!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Remember this asshole?

Acoording to this report on yahoo news, the Department of Justice has FINALLY ok'd the indictment of the asshole quasi fashion designer WHO WAS CAUGHT on camera ACTING LIKE AN A1-A-HOLE in his shopping spree in DUTY FREE Philippines last year.

What surprised me is that this a-hole is still alive!