Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hangalan 2010: The Countdown (Series 3: Joseph Ejercito Estrada)

Joseph Ejercito Estrada

Party Affiliation: PMP (Partido ng Masang Pilipino)
Current Position: Former President of the Philippines/Actor
DOB: April 19, 1937
Mapua Institute of Technology
Odds of winning the Presidency: 1-50

Every Filipino knows about him, and naturally everyone can name a reason why NOT to vote for him, but despite that for some masochistic reason, Estrada still possesses that charisma to elicit enough to support to put a scare into the leading candidates for the presidency.

I get Erap. He plays the masa card to the hilt. Uses his thespian skills to charm his way into a crowd after all these years. Can you blame him for exploiting his strengths and hiding his weaknesses?

But I am just hard pressed to believe that those who voted for him when he won the Presidency in a landslide in 1998, would vote for him again after all that he has done in his two plus years in office.

Maybe if I was just a real a-hole and wanted to play a cruel joke on Filipinos I would go Erap, but even with my personality, I just can't do it.

Why can't we have Erap as royalty? Like a King perhaps? or a Sultan? a Datu? He would be perfect for the job. He gets his spending money, gets the prestige of being a King, and the illusion that he is still in government. More importantly, this would satisfy his huge masa following to see him as King.

Whats going for him: As everyone knows, still enjoys massive support from the masses. Charismatic, experienced in government, has huge name recall.

What would hurt him: The disqualification case filed against him, succeeds, effectively prohibiting him from taking office.

Would win if: Villar, Teodoro, Aquino, and Villar take votes from each other, and in fact would just cancel each other out.

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