Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Darlings of Philippine Sports: Pinay Charlie's Angels

11 December 2009

In a welcome break from Martial law and those mother fucking Ampatuans, 3 young, fresh, talented, athletic and most importantly, BLAZING HOTTTT women provided the country with some achievement we can smile about. Janice Lagman, Rani Ann Ortega and Camille Alarilla won gold medals in taekwondo in the ongoing 25th Southeast Asian Games in Vientianne, Laos.


In my book, these women are ones to be really proud about. They are the real life "CHARLIE'S ANGELS"! If you might have noticed by now, I just cant get over the fact that these women are just goddamn gorgeous!!! According to reports these three ladies just came from Egypt to win the championship in the same event a short time ago, and now they go to Laos and kicked some serious ass!


With the megawatt smile these three possesses I would not be a bit surprised if they start gracing magazine covers and television shows as soon as they get off the plane from Laos.

Now the most important part..who among these three I like the most? They are all hot but if I could have the luxury of picking just one, even if they came in threes, my favorite would be Rani!

So ladies thank you very much for carrying the country's pride out there and no thanks to the idiot non-sport people running the country's sports programs. I'm willing to bet that your parents were the one who gave you most of the support you needed to get to become world class athletes.

Soak it up, enjoy it and rest assured i'll be the first one to get a copy of whatever magazine you choose to have your pretty faces published. Love ya! (LMAO)

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  1. Type ko sila lahat din pero pinaka maganda si Janice kasi gusto ko ng tisay!