Sunday, April 26, 2009

And on Sundays...the President chillaxes...

Formulating policies, meetings with other world leaders, facing the nations' ills head on takes a toll on the President. It is imperative that the leader of this great country maintains a healthy body and a sane mind so on Sundays the President, just like any other hard working person takes a Sunday off.

Sundays starts around 10ish, trying to get as much sleep as possible, recharging for the tough week ahead. After breakfast I'm off to my favorite chore of all. Doing the laundry with my new favorite machine my Kenmore portable washer. No hookups necessary just plug it in, connect the hose to the sink and wash away.

I just absofreakinglutely love this machine! I mean I'm going around the house er palace looking for stuff to wash. And hey just in case I get overthrown by a elite led coup d etat, at least I have this machine and OMFG no more laundrymat. Let me say this again NO MORE LAUNDRYMATS!

As of right now I am ready to declare washing clothes as my favorite chore at all. There is something serene and relaxing about washing. I really cant put my finger on it. Is it the bubbles that remind me of my childhood? The white noise washing machines make that is so zen? The scent of freshness? or the mere thought of having clean clothes and being a part of that whole process. Whatever it is it is bliss.

As the washer goes, I'm off to the presidential couch to catch up whats on TV, preferably sports. Since the Golden State Warriors are not in the playoffs. (the teams 15th year out of 16th or so years of not making it.) I get to see the Bulls eke out a victory over the defending champs, The Boston Celtics.

Then the president eats, cleans the presidential vehicle, cooks, takes a nap, takes a few phone calls, folds laundry, goof around with the family then rests for another day ahead. As you can see, my life is no different than yours, the only thing is I am the President of the Philippines

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