Thursday, July 16, 2009

HANGALAN 2010: The Countdown (Series 2: Loren Legarda)

Loren Legarda

Party Affiliation: NPC (Nationalist People's Coalition)
Current Position: Senator
DOB: January 28, 1960
University of the Philippines
Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication
Odds of winning the Presidency: 1-1000

On a recent state visit by the good senator to the island nation of Maldives, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, Legarda officially announced her plan to run for the presidency. Well better to do it in Maldives where she is assured of some kind of audience, than in the Philippines where she might have trouble finding someone who would be willing to listen to what she has to say.This former anchorwoman of the English broadcast news program World Tonight is a two term senator and is running on a pro environment platform. (Good luck on that one.)

What's going for her: She is one of the prettiest faces out there, and is an experienced lawmaker. She can also get a good chunk of the women vote since there is no other viable woman candidate out there.

What would hurt her: The "sawa" factor. She seems to be running for some kind of elected position everytime there is an election. By now, it's just kinda annoying. Oh by the way, there's one little thing that might kinda creep up on her.....THIS DUDE

Yeah, you know no matter how hard she tries to distance herself to the former governor, it just does not work that way. It is going to be extremely difficult for the voting public not to think of her former husband's murder conviction when going to the polls. Hey look at it this way, you cut it down to two people to choose from, and with everything being equal who would you go with..the candidate whose better half is not convicted of any crime....or the one whose husband is in jail? Yup. I know its a bit unfair but hey they should know they're politicians after all.

Would win if: If all the other candidates are buried in an earthquake and she manages to survive. Otherwise it would be best for her to slide down to the vice presidency then weasel her way to the presidency. Oh it would also help her if she adpots a nickname. I think she is the only one out there without one. How bout this for a nick name: "EL na EL". Loren "L na L" Legarda for President. Catchy aint it?


  1. Clearly, this is too biased and why can't get a more concise review about Loren? Some categories are still missing and hey, who are you endorsing anyways??

  2. Great post! this infos can help me to decide who I am going to vote this 2010 election. Thanks for sharing this post. I am well Informed. Keep posting!