Friday, July 3, 2009

Shore Time Hotel

Boracay, Philippines

As consumers, we only take the time to write about a service or an establishment is when either they really really suck, they fucked us up, or both. But this is an entirely different story.

As we land in Caticlan, we were greeted by two pleasant and nice dudes by this gem of a hotel where we booked our stay in Boracay, Rhafy (yes his name is really spelled this way in his name tag) and Robert. (Thank god he does not have the unnecessary H in his name.) As soon as we met these guys there was an instant connection. Right away even without them doing anything extra ordinary, you knew you were in good hands. They were genuine and respectful without being over bearing or over acting. Being over acting is what ticks me off specially in the Philippines, when salespersons or employees of a place just greets the fuck out of you with their monotone good morning sir maam.


They pick us up in a nice shuttle (Toyota Avanza) to bring us to the boat that will take us to the island. It does gives me a little smile on my face that we get to ride this vehicle while most of the people we saw on the same flight were hauled in tricycles. Not that I do not like trikes but isnt it nice sometimes to know that you are treated a little better than your fellowmen? You're on vacation after all! And dammit I'm the President for crying out loud! Let's not forget that.


We get to the boat and in about 20 minutes or so, we get to Boracay island. Ahhhh i'm pumped! And after traversing the two lane road (which is so small it wont even pass as a side street from where I'm from) for about five minutes we reach our hotel...our home away from home...SHORE TIME HOTEL.

Behind the funny and suggestive name is a collection of individuals who are there to make sure all your needs are met. They are people who like their job. The smiles are not fake, and all of them can carry a nice, smart and sensible conversation. The hotel is impressive but as I have told all of them there during my stay, anyone can copy their amenities, their lay out, their structure but what sets them apart is their service. It is beyond perfection, beyond five stars.

The hotel is perfect for my taste. Not toooo fancy and not too cheap either. Just right. It is clean and still is brand new. (According to the staff it has only been in existence for about a year and a half.) The rooms are spacious, bright and one thing you would notice right away is it is not embellished with shit you really don't need. No fancy stupid flower arrangements, no crazy color schemes, just clean, well thought of necessities.

The staff made sure that all our needs our met, oftentimes going above and beyond the call of duty. Dropping us off at d mall even if they don't have to, just stuff you would truly appreciate.


The hotel is owned by the same person who owns the Andok's chain of restaurants (this is also where you order your free breakfast) and is located on station 1, perfect if you're not looking for the craziness stations 2 and 3 brings. Their suite where we stayed is good for 6 people (although there was only four of us) and is reasonably priced. It's veranda faces the street, which is perfect for people watching and its attic gets you a good and relaxing view of the beach. It is not beachfront mind you but unless you are a paraplegic I don't think one would mind the mere 20 or so steps it would take you for your feet to touch water.


I really could go on and on as those who have been following this blog (all three of you) can attest but this is one of the few times I can say I am relatively speechless. I have been to the biggest hotels in Vegas or anywhere else in the United States but they just can't compare. I guess its like going to your grandmas house only here they are shocked when you pickup after yourself. Shoretime hotel is the perfect compliment to your Boracay vacation.
(Sgd.) H.E. President of the Philippines

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  1. Wow, ang ganda talaga sa boracay. The best place para sa mga gustong magrelaxing. Maganda ba talaga sa shore time hotel?

    Tanya Gemarin