Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

26 November 2009

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It's festive like Christmas but without the added pressure of gift-giving. Its about food and family, what a holiday should be about. Even if it kinda commemorates the white man's slaughter of Native Americans, it has evolved nicely. I do have one problem about Thanksgiving though.....


I do not eat turkey. I mean I have had it in several occassions but I do not enjoy it. I reall can't pinpoint what I exactly do not like about it. It could be it's massive size, it's bland taste or perhaps a combination of the two. I do not seek it, I do not crave for it. I guess if I had the choice between turkey or goat I would do turkey but I just don't like it at all.

Turkey is on my list of food items I can live without. Others are:
  • Goat - The smell bothers me.
  • Brownies - Lola said there's marijuana on them. Stuck with me to this day.
  • Milk - Cant drink a glass, or a cup straight up. Can tolerate it in halo halos though.
  • Cake - The icing makes me nauseaus.
  • Balut - Never had one ever. never will. Unless I'm a contestant on The Amazing Race.
  • Adidas - Just the thought of those feet stepping on their own poop makes it so unappetizing.
  • Papaitan - Poop. Plain and simple.
What's good though is the wifey do not like turkey as well so there's no conflict there. Although my kids are weirded out of a household without turkey on the dinner table on Thanksgiving day. Another reminder for them on how "filipinoey" my household is.

So instead of turkey, in comes lechon manok. A nice size chicken cooked in my old reliable turbo broiler. With some kare kare, crispy pata, dinuguan, pansit, veggies, and kakanin my Thanksgiving dinner is set.

You know what else besides the food and family I look forward to during Thanksgiving? BLACK FRIDAY BABY!


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