Friday, November 13, 2009

Should Manny lose against Cotto?

13 November 2009

Let me get a few things out of the way. I have followed Manny's boxing career since he was a 100 something pound boxer with a hideous orange/rusty/brassy highlights. I suspect he won some of his bouts early in his career because of that. I am not a betting man. I do gamble (slot machines exclusively) because I want my winnings or losings to be predicated by pure chance and not by someone or something that might influence a result.

With those said, let me lay out this question that no Filipino would ever think about: Should Manny Pacquiao lose against Miguel Cotto?


No I don't want him to lose.

But with that 0.0001 chance that he does, would its pros outweigh the cons?

I fucking loathe bandwagon fans. This explains my lifelong allegiance to one of the worst run franchises in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors. Even if its easy for me to switch to the Cavs, Spurs, Celtics or even worse the Lakers, I will not abandon my Warriors. Even if this team has only given me one winning year out of the last 15, I am, and will be here. That's why now that were 3 years removed from that we believe team that beat Dallas and the Warriors are back to sucking, I have seen bodies of bandwagon fans lay on the wayside, scurrying back to whatever team is favored to win the championship. Maybe if the Pacman loses, some of these bandwagon fans would get off the bus and would start pounding their chests and go I told you so, then declaring they are the best boxing analyst since Larry Merchant. Maybe if Manny fails, they'll go to Donaire instead.

So let's see... jueteng, a numbers game is illegal while betting on Pacquiao bouts are encouraged? Which is which really? We are a predominantly catholic country and as a good catholic know gambling or betting is prohibited in our religion, so why then are people turning a blind eye on this? Gambling is bad, and what makes it worse are people who barely have enough money to feed their families are usually the ones who are in the forefront of all betting activities. If Manny loses, this would be a wake up call for gamblers to stop what they are doing and go back to work.

ALING DIONISIA. I like her too, but not that much where I see her on my plasma screen every freaking second of the day of my TV time. Yeah yeah I can change the channel but cmon now can you really stand watching her every freaking second of your TV time? Manny loses, Aling Dionisia goes back to Gensan. And life as we know it returns.

I wanna see Manny box two more years. If he wins this, its inevitable he'll face Mayweather, and then who's next? You hear those crickets right now? That's right folks NOFUCKINGBODY. There's no one else out there. Remember Erik Morales folks? Manny losing to him gave us fight fans two more blockbusters. A Pacman loss guarantees a rematch with Cotto and possibly a third installment that could happen in a span of a year, plus a Mayweather blockbuster which would bring us to around 2011. A good two years, and if he also fights Mosley, that gives us about three more years and with Manny hitting 33 years of age, a perfect time to retire, before his brains get turned into puree.

Its November 13, two weeks before the filing of candidacy for the upcoming elections. Lets just say Manny wins, and he wins by a dramatic and impressive fashion. He might just be able to do what we Filipinos who truly love Manny would hate him to do, WIN IN AN ELECTION. If Lito Lapid was able to get a senate seat, who are we to judge Manny's capabilities. I used to be totally opposed to Manny being in congress or in government, but seeing all these clowns try to run our country, I'd say why the heck not Manny? But not now buddy. Wait a little bit. Retire, conquer the world, and then run for office.

See folks a Manny Pacquiao loss aint too bad. I mean win or lose, Manny still gets upwards to 20 million dollars so there's no pressure really. So just in case God decides to favor Cotto this time (as he too believes and prays to the same God Manny believes in) don't be too upset. This might just be a better option for all of us. Good luck Pacman. Win it for all of us Filipinos, but if you don't I ain't mad at ya.


  1. Cotto will sleep in the 5th round MARK MY WORDS BABY!

  2. Well Manny won so this is moot. Congrats Pacman