Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manny in the fight of his life

19 November 2009
Malacanan Palace

Morales creamed. Hatton bitch slapped. Dela Hoya embarassed. Cotto pwned. None of these bums stood a chance against Manny, all of them bowing down to the undisputed king of boxing.

But now Manny is facing the toughest fight of his life, and no it is not inside the boxing ring.

As we all know by now, the Pacman is embroiled into the kind of fight none of us would imagine ourselves to be in. The fight for marital peace.

In one corner stands Jinkee Pacquiao, the wife who stood by Manny when Manny was, well to put in frankly, isang dugyot na taga Gensan.

And in one corner stands Krista Ranillo, a fresh, young, exciting, Atenean bred bimbo who has rocked Manny's world, one who makes him giggle like a school boy.

And in the middle of it all, of course is our hero. The pound for pound king. And as always, it is our there for all of us to see.


Honestly, this whole thing does not bother me. Yes there are kids involved, a marriage that is in shambles, and yes it could get nasty and ugly. But.....

Unlike many of you, for me MANNY PACQUIAO IS NOT A ROLE MODEL. He should'nt be. It is unfair. Not Manny, Not Kobe Bryant, or Charles Barkley or Muhammad Ali, Not Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest, not even Tim Lincecum.

Isn't it sad that the source of all our national pride is someone who brawls for a living? There is something inherently wrong when we ask our kids to look up to someone who we don't even know outside the four corners of our television screen.

That my friends is the problem. There is where the outrage is coming from, from people who are holier than thou, those who try to convince themselves and anyone within an earshot that they have never done anything wrong or immoral in their entire lives.

We are the ones that are at fault here, because we have subjected ourselves to revere someone, to elevate someone who is in fact a mere mortal to the highest of highs. We have seen this before, countless times. Someone on TV who has given us great joy disappointing us BECAUSE THAT PERSON DECIDED TO BE WHAT HE IS, HUMAN.

Manny Pacquiao should be, nothing more than an entertainer. Just like Kobe Bryant, who was accused of rape. Just like Michael Jordan, who is also not devoid of questions of marital infedelity, Just like Tim Lincecum, the 20 something baseball phenom caught with marijuana.

What bothers me about this whole brouhaha though is the role of Matt Ranillo III in all of this. I mean this is quite simply PROSTITUTION.

What kind of sick, money grubbing pimp would encourage his child to do this? I guess one like Matt huh?

As days pass, this too my friends will. Who knows how this would end. Will Krista and Manny do a Dolphy and Zsa zsa? Would Jinnkee withstand all the flurry and be the last woman standing. We don't know yet but surely I'll be there watching, because this after all is entertainment. And Manny? whatever the hell he wants to do in his life outside the boxing ring is his buisness. Inside the ring? he better beat everyone else to a pulp. For my own ENTERTAINMENT. Nothing more, nothing less. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Manny Pacquiao - Pac man, Jinkee - Pac wife, Mommy Dionesia - Pac mom, Krista Ranillo - Pac kangkang

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