Thursday, June 11, 2009

Justice for Ruby

This would be one instance that I am veering away from my character and going into real person mode... to condemn the brutal murder of Ruby Barrameda.

I knew Ruby Rose personally. Her brother is a batch mate, her sister Rochelle was my best friend in High School's ex girlfriend. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and claim that I was probably one of the first one's to see Rochelle's potential as an actress as we ran in the same ticket in our high school student council. There were times that me and my best friend would take Rochelle to their house with little Ruby in tow to make sure both would get home safely.

I was shocked when I heard about the news. I first got a hold of Ruby's disappearance from Rochelle's friendster account around two years ago. I was hoping that Ruby just ran away from home, just a simple case of a girl leaving because of a misunderstanding. Sadly, as we all know by now this happened.

It just breaks my heart that a beautiful, sweet and young woman like Ruby would end up this way. No one, absolutely no one deserves to die this way.

To all politicians, law officers, people in government. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS. WAKE THE FUCK UP. I hope you guys show the same enthusiasm, vigor, and interest you've shown to the Hayden Kho video scandal on this case. Unlike the nonsense that is Haydengate where no one was killed, this was a gruesome murder. I HOPE YOU IDIOTS GET THAT.

And to all of us, let us all be vigilant, open our eyes and make sure the full extent of the law would come down to these motherfucking animals who did this heinous to Ruby. There is no place in this world for these animals.

To Ruby....may your soul rest in peace. HUSTISYA PARA KAY RUBY.

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  1. Rochelle was also one of my studes in practice teaching. Whoever did this was an animal. Somebody gave a tip which is why her body was found.I'm sure the police are investigating this. Let's pray they get the masterminds.