Thursday, June 18, 2009

State Visit to Manila Day 1 Part II

June 18, 2009
Air Force One
State Visit to Manila

So I got the last seat. Its kinda like my old high school seat. By the exit right next to the trash can. I sat in that spot for three years, Im used to it, so I'm not complaining.

When I got to my seat the FA asked me if I wanted to switch seats with the guy infront of me since my companion got the middle seat infront of me, so i said yeah sure if he doesnt mind.....

Guess what happens next...

A. The guy says yes just because he's a nice guy and really THERE IS NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHERE I'M SEATED AND WHERE HE IS.

B. The guy says yes but asks for 5 dollars to add to his duty free shopping money


C. The guy is going to be a dickwad and just say "um no im good here."


If you guessed C, you are absolutely correct. Asshole pulls rank and refuses to move. Honestly, I aint even pissed. Just the fact that we got into that flight was enough for me. I was just thinking what kind of reasoning is behind the refusal to move. I mean its not like he was already situated in his seat, everyone was still fixing whatever and shit like that but hey oh well. assholes are assholes right?

But before you lose hope in humanity, lo and behold at the 3 hour mark of the 6 hour flight
asshole looks at me and goes...wanna switch seats? What a surprise!!! so i said yes tapped him in his shoulders and sat my ass down.

Ok what the hell just happened? did the dude just had an epiphany? A realization that he really cant be an asshole for 6 hours? Ah! I'm giving him too much credit. Found out it was because of my girl bothering the heck out of him for 3 hours. nudging him, dislodging his elbow out of her arm rest, subtle yet effective.

Enjoyed the rest of the flight...ddnt really see anything since I was in the middle aisle and the stop there was so quick I was only able to have two quick puffs of my Marlboro mediums (in HNL you actually go outside from gate 29 to 31 although it is still non smoking but who cares right?) as I was walking towards the next gate. But from the 2.5 minutes I experienced breathing Honolulu air, I must say the weather was pretty awesome.

After a little random questioning by customs (How much money your bringing etc..none of your beeswax bitch! lol.) got on the HNL - MNL plane with absolutely no hitches..or so I thought.
(Sgd.) H.E. President of the Philippines
17 June 2009

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