Thursday, May 7, 2009

HANGALAN 2010: The Countdown to the Presidential Elections of 2010 (Series 1: Manny Villar)

May 2009. A year from now we are going to elect the next President of this country, the next would be savior from a long list of failures who all tried to save us from the depths of despair, but to no avail.

Today up until the 2010 elections, will be the beginning of the first part of many wherein we profile all the presidentiables, everyone who has the audacity to replace me as President of the Philippines. We are all going to get a closer look at the candidates, and with this information hopefully it would enable us to make an informed decision if and when of course the elections of 2010 would come about.

(first of many many parts ang dami kasing tatakbo)

Manuel "Manny" Villar

"Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga"
Party Affiliation: Nacionalista
Hometown: Las Pinas City
Current Position: Senator
Born: December 13, 1949
University of the Philippines
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Odds of Winning the Presidency: 1-50

The former Senate President has made it known for quite somehow of his interest to run for the highest office of the land and everyone including his rivals has taken notice of it. The Las Pinero is currently embroiled in a Senate investigation (headed by another presidentiable Ping Lacson) regarding a double entry in the national budget for the C5 road extension in his bailiwick Las Pinas City.

A self made man, Villar made money when he started one of the biggest developers in the Philippines, Camella and Palmera Homes. He is currently ranked 5th richest Filipino by Forbes Magazine.

What's going for him: Well the dude has one of the most important components in running for the presidency: MOOLAH. The guy is going to spend ridiculous amounts of it, no matter if the water runs dry in Camella Homes. Having money and being a successful businessman, there is also that perception that he would not steal money from the coffers of the government since he has too much of it already.

He does have some mass appeal, attributed perhaps for being someone who rose from the common folk to one of the most successful businessmen in the country. Also, his use of Tagalog perhaps endears him to many.

The revitalization of the Nacionalista Party is also a good move as it gives legitimacy to his campaign, instead of running under a party that is hastily made with a stupid acronym, just like what is common during elections.

What would hurt him: A indictment because of the c5 controversy. He needs to get out of this investigation quickly as his opponents will surely capitalize and drag this as long as possible. He also needs to get his spin doctors ready if and when this happens. Also, a complaint of a homeowner from Camella might be detrimental during these times so he needs to make sure that there is water in the subdivision at all times.

Would win if: He shows more of her super cute daughter Camille, and land a big endorsement from one of the country's superstars. We need to see that the future occupants of Malacanang would be at least pleasant looking, one that it's current occupants surely can't claim.


He also needs to remain relevant in the public's eyes. A nice one on one interview with a talk show would only prove beneficial as he does lack a little bit in the charm department. He needs to start polishing his singing skills as well. Also needs an updated haircut as his hair bothers the hell out of me. He needs to start picking up the pace and create buildup into the campaign season. A big housing give away wouldnt hurt either. (I'll take a condo unit please thank you very much)

Villar has more than a fighter's chance to win the presidency. Money is indeed a great ally in the quest for Malacanang. As attractive as the presidency is, the VP post is one that he could also look at just to complete his license plate collection being a congressman (8), Senator (7), Speaker of the House (4), and Senate President (3).


  1. I do believe in self-made people. However, how they did it is the more important thing than the achievement itself. And in this case, I say Mr. Villar will be haunted by the past. He builds houses for the "masses" I agree. And all this were sold mostly via SSS loans. I don't have to elaborate on the rest of the story. And yes. NO WATER. Oh, I forgot, POOR QUALITY. And no matter how we did shout about it, nobody listens. And so we have to pay an awfully high price of water thru another party. Specifics? Check-out Palmera Woodlands in Penafrancia, Cupang, Antipolo City.

    And please, let us not be hypocrites with OFW's. Stop using us in you ads. Just because you help one or two does not make you a hero to us. A lot of us has done more to help our comrades but we keep it to our selves. And there you are in the papers and TV boasting what you have done. What have you really done in terms of legislation for us? Or better, what have you really done for the Filipino people? Will you be willing to sign a promised agenda for the masses that if you failed to deliver, you are willing to resign graciously?

  2. Ser...salamat sa inyong comment. The signing of a covenant by ALL presidentiables is a great idea.

  3. hahaha... masyadong seryoso si bossing... chill out... hahaha