Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Presidential Circular: Of Hayden-Katrina-Maricar, Bong Revilla, Alec Baldwin, Candy Pangilinan and Charice.

Malacanan Palace
21 May 2009

How refreshing it is to see that our good senator from Cavite, the Honorable Bong Revilla is actually alive and is in the senate floor, one thing that can not be said about his colleague and fellow actor the Honorable Lito Lapid. A news report even describes Revilla's privilege speech as "rare". Leave it to someone like Hayden Kho to get a rise out of the good senator. How I wish though that instead of this........

he would be doing something else of his time, the kind of thing that people who voted for him would truly appreciate and benefit I dunno? CREATING JOBS???? SOLVING CRIMES?? I know though. The urge to resist this kind of publicity is hard, specially from someone seeking a higher office and one that is a publicity whore. And besides...I don't think the good senator is the best guy to call someone a "maniac" or a "pervert of the highest kind" or something. I mean Bong Revilla? really? Was Jamby busy counting her millions from her Auntie? was Pia Cayetano in Pilates class?

Yes, I have seen one of the videos. I just could not find the urge nor the time to look for all five of them or how many there are out there. But as President I need to educate myself to be able to form an educated opinion of the matter. And to empower those who would like to form an educated opinion as well according to intelligence sources, here is a site where ALLEGEDLY the video of Hayden and Maricar is posted. Shame on these smut peddlers :P

To Katrina and cutie Maricar, don't fret. Just when you think it is the end of the line for the both of you, I give you Paris.....Kim Kardashian and even Vanessa Hudgens to a lesser degree. All of them has parlayed their sex videos into bigger and brighter things. There is hope for you guys. I have heard of no celebrity whose lives were ruined because of a sex video. Empower yourselves, do more of these but this time, make sure its in your own terms.


And brother...trim them pubes. Otherwise, gotta give it you man, dunno if there's a market for a pornstar with a cock of a 12 year old but hey, you did it, good luck. You managed to F up your career for your perverse urges but hey more power to you. Oh another thing, we really don't want to see you and your ass as much as you want us to see and ..can you make them videos a little clearer next time? Like HD quality or something.

And then there's Alec Baldwin. One of the Baldwin brothers. Kim Basinger's ex husband.

Alec freakin Baldwin. Are we actually legitimizing the comments made by this dude, whose most recent and significant work was his profanity laced tirade of his then 11 year old daughter? Who cares on what this guy says. It's a joke! I'm still waiting for somebody of significance to say something...anything about the Philippines. Not Baldwin, Not Teri Hatcher, Not Chip Tsao. How about Clooney? Pitt? Denzel? even Cruise!

And while I'm at it.... Candy? sweetie, you know its cool and all but I think I have issued an executive order sometime ago that states that unless you are capable of being picked up in a bar by someone sober, you should not make fun of anyone's appearance except your own. And unfortunately honey, you fall under this category. I do get you though. Your apology was well executed but still is riddled by damage control. Why not just go out there and say yes, I did make fun of Igorots, I am an idiot, and I am sorry, instead of saying you were really talking about the Igorot statue. ..

UMMMM.............NO THANK YOU.

But there is one common denominator in all of these so-called scandals besides insensitivity by the guilty parties. Politicians jumping at every opportunity for their chance to ride the wave of publicity from these scandals/controversies. The Baguio Provincial Council really? for what? for the chance to be interviewed by different media sources? I think the Igorots would appreciate that instead of the time you people spent typing and creating a resolution condemning Candy, you guys would have went to the hinterlands and looked at their plight. Sure I'll give GABRIELA a free pass but there's just something not right about the way they're doing things.

You know what would be nice BUT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN? President Obama or Nelson Mandela writing our consuls about the blatant racial epithets our two biggest networks routinely do on their comedy shows towards black people. They have more pressing issues to tackle, something our leaders never realize since all of them are too pre occupied in making sure their mugs make it to the front pages of all papers and the six o clock news. One time, just one time I hope someone would do this to make us realize that this is just utterly stupid and juvenile.

Now as I go back to the important issues of the day let me leave you with this...Charice Pempengco bringing down the house in the Oprah Winfrey Show with her new single Note to God. Just when you think everything is just going to fall apart...Here she comes to save the day. Now lets just wait which politician would be first in line to commend Charice for a job well done for his own 15 minutes of fame.


  1. Jeez, wala na bang nakitang ibang issue and senator Revilla na yan? He got some good points there but hey everybody is doing it, it just so happened that Hayden is sick enough to take a video without his partners knowledge. I just wonder yan lang ba ang problema nang Pilipinas ngayon? Bakit hinde niya pagtoonan nang pansin kung gaano ka hirap dyan sa Pinas at kung gaano ka mahal nang mga bilihin sus me magpakatotoo ka naman.

  2. malapit na eleksyon. Papogian time!

  3. So bakit yan lang ang issue na tinutulak ng senado. I know that Hayden did a bad thing but it's also the women's fault 'coz they want Hayden to do that to them.....Sen. Revilla focus on Katrina's side 'coz he's also an actor. But he should not interrupt the problem of katrina and Hayden...and this is not the only thing that he should give a full attention,...the are a lot of problems face by our country today..........buwahahahaha baisan kc hi katrina iban hi hayden...

  4. yan lang talaga ang dapat sa mga BAISAN OUT THERE LIKE KATRINA AND OTHERS BANAK BANAK