Friday, May 22, 2009

Presidential Report: Bong Revilla's Perversity? Nude Photos All Over The Internet

Malacanan Palace
22 May 2009

Well, well, well. Lookie here! after calling Hayden Kho a "maniac" and a "pervert of the highest kind", and suddenly becoming the hero of oppressed women from here to Timbuktu, (which probably does not include wives suffering from their philandering husbands wink* wink*) the good senator from Cavite is now embroiled in a scandal of his own. Reports are now starting to circulate in cyberspace that Senator Revilla's nude (gasp*) photos are now all over the internet.


According to a report of ABS-CBN news said photos were taken from the movie Kilabot at Kembot which he co starred with Assunta de Rossi.

So if Hayden is a pervert of the highest kind, (like super pervert to the max) is it safe to say that the Senator is a pervert of a lesser degree? In other words where does Senator Revilla rank in lets say the Pervert Military? Kho, Hayden - General. Revilla, Bong - umm Colonel?

Here's a quote from our good senator: "I know for a fact na mayroon ng mga kampong naninira sa akin dahil sa pakikipag-laban kong ito. They have hired PR groups to divert the issue and destroy me but I will not falter." Riiiiight.

Being a true public servant I will not, and I repeat I will not post said picture here, not because of fear from prosecution or impeachment but rather save us all from those ghastly images that maybe ingrained in our minds after seeing such photo. So do not expect to find it here nor would I want to see. I think after seeing Hayden's equipment, I have already reached my seeing other guy's nightstick quota for the whole year.

It would be interesting to see if this "scandal" would make the Senator back off a bit. Hopefully, (please god no) there will not be any Bong Revilla and (insert name here) video scandal that would pop up in the next few hours or days.

Ad hominem.....shoot the messenger.....Hayden -1, Bong -1. LOL

(Sgd) H.E. President of the Philippines


  1. Bong Revilla should shut his mouth because his whole family is inlcuded in this "perversity" that he's talking about. His father is a playboy who got many women pregnant, his son also victimized Rosanna Roces' daughter who just 16 years old, got her pregnant and now involved with another woman. And he himself was also linked to having a scandal. Shame on him for pointing his finger at other people while he is doing the exact same thing. Yes, what Hayden Kho did was wrong but Bong Revilla should look in the mirror before judging others.

  2. The Jolo issue is one that is lost in all the shuffle. His father, if he is this women's crusader he is posing as should have sent his son in jail for statutory rape.

  3. The Greeks said it best - what a hypocrite! Plastic, Orocan, Tupperware mo tsong!